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Karl and Erwin Moese 1949

Gertrud Moese 1954

Erwin Moese 1957

Wolfgang Moese 1961

Jan and Wolfgang Moese 2007

Jan Moese, Wolfgang Moese and Barbara Pauen 2007

August and Jan Moese 2008

Wolfgang Moese 2008







Some stories develop over night so to speak, not so ours! It tells you all about the company Karl Moese from the moment it was established, it tells you about four generations of Moese family and their strengths and weaknesses. If I come to think about it, it is quite astonishing that the company still exists. You will of course wonder what I'm talking about, well let me tell you:

My great-grandfather Karl Moese, was a man with a good sense for quality and beauty and was himself a smart and stylish man, if perhaps a little stiff and not a terribly good business man.

In 1908 on 15th February he established his company with the idea to manufacture the world's finest ties. If it had not been for my great-grandmother Gertrud this would have been in all probability a short lived dream. She was a superb business woman who, with a lot of effort, got the young company through two world wars and one world financial crisis.

As well as the company she also had a family with three children and the eldest son Erwin shared their interest and enthusiasm for ties. It was him, who travelled to England in the late forties and after a visit to the races at Ascot decided that this would be an ideal name for his company. So, ASCOT became our brand name and still is to this day.

My grandfather Erwin was a lively and generous man who made beautiful collections and was a brilliant salesman. Being thrifty or even careful with money never occurred to him and most of his customers were friends, so showing his collection often turned into a long night. He and his wife Hilde had two children and the boy Wolfgang played an important role in the later history of the company. He was a very good golfer even when he was young. Golf was one thing, the other was being sent to Lyon and Como to learn the languages and the tricks of the trade. So after a few years of studying in several foreign countries my father came back to Krefeld, finished his studies and joined the company. He had a good hand for money and for the first time the financial base of the tie company was sound.

In the meantime Wolfgang married his wife Helga. Soon my sister and shortly afterwards I was born. My father was hard working and for him it was a labour of love.

Wolfgang was not quite as good a salesman as my grandfather but he had new ideas. He was joined by Hermann-Kurt Schwartz and the two managed to enlarge the company and put it on the international map. In the eighties and nineties they went to fairs like SEHM in Paris and PITTI UOMO in Florence and made several hundred new customers worldwide. I grew up in the shadow of the company and although I was adamant that I didn't want to join the tie business but to earn my living through bicycles, my beloved hobby, it all turned out differently in the end. After studying economics I finally decided to come into the tie world and as I know now it took complete possession of me. I have never regreted my move for a moment.

Even my sister Barbara left her wine business in favour of the ties. We still do not quite know why she did this!

You would of course like to know what these four generations who built the company have in common:

It was and still is the vision of a perfectly made tie of the utmost quality that moves us.

We will do our very best to continue offering these wonderful, "Hand-made in Germany" ties to you. We would like to thank everybody that has been with us on that journey so far and we do invite you kindly to help us to go on writing the story.


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