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The Tie

"A piece of fabric with a loop that one can put round ones neck". This is what most people think is a tie and if you think about it, most ties on the market exactly fit this description. We have completely different requirements for our ties.

The beginning of our ties lies on lake Como or just around the corner from us at the last silk weavers that have remained in the silk producing city of Krefeld. There we buy the most beautiful silk of the highest quality that you can find worldwide. Our demand here: Only the best is good enough.

Our strongest partners are the small weavers and printers where the artisans are still producing and one can hear the noise of the looms in the salesrooms.

Together with these experts we develop the most beautiful patterns and colour variations taking into account the latest trends for colour and style. Developing the collection is supported by one hundred years of experience, but inspiration plays a vital part too.

When the silk fabrics leave the loom or the printing table, they are sent to us and we manufacture them into the finest ties that are on the market.

The material is cut by hand on the bias of the fabric including all lining and tipping and besides we take care that the cut is generous, as this is vital for the beauty and the longevity of the tie. Even the lining that is made of a special wool quality is just one piece to avoid uncomfortable seams in the neck part of the tie. This lining also ensures that the tie will always revert to its former shape, even after a long days wear.

Our seamstresses know their business very well. Most of them have been part of our team for a long time - the manufacturing of hand-made ties is not for beginners. Only with experience can the result be as perfect as we require it.

All our labels and self loops are sewn in by hand and to finish the tie the bar-tack is also put in by hand, an art in itself.

The Ascot tie must give a special feeling when you touch it and you can hear the "Crie de la Soie"! The silk material must perfectly fit around the lining without being stretched. Only a tie that can satisfy all these expectations leaves the company after approval by the ladies of our quality control.

It gives us great pleasure to produce a tie made out of the best material for people like you, who share our commitment to:

Tradition, Quality & Style - Hand-made in Germany



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