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In this film we show how a bow tie is made. First, the outer fabric and the insert are cut using a template. The outer fabric and the lining are then pinned together and sewn together using a sewing machine. After sewing, the pieces are turned over and ironed. Then metal hooks to open and

Ascot-1696 Kopie

Waistcoats and braces – love for retro style

  Waistcoats, as one should know, always have been a component of a classic outfit. Meanwhile, they advanced to be the informal equivalent of the jacket – and in our opinion well deserved. By means of a small collection of waistcoats in his wardrobe, every man is easily able to give a different touch to



… is one of the things dreams are made off in the world of men`s accessories. The distinctive, knit like structure of this woven cloth fascinates connoisseurs since a long time and should not be missing in well-assorted wardrobes. There are only two weaving mills left in Italy, who are able to produce this cloth


Bow – Ties have style

and perhaps this is the reason why they are really hip again. No matter whether they are worn to match a smoking, a suit or together with jeans they are always an eye catcher. Our bow ties variety come in at least 400 different designs and colour ways, we even offer knitted and velvet bow


Which knot is the best
A guest articke of men`s wear expert Bernhard Roetzel

There are dozens of different knots but only the Four-in-hand and the Albert are really useful. Both the full and the half Windsor should be avoided because they create a very thick knot. The Four-in-hand knot is slim and it goes well with all types of collars.


Pitti Uomo Florence Autumn Winter 2018

Also this time we attended the show and once again we came home with the impression, that this show for sure is the most important event in our industry. Here new trends are to be seen much earlier than anywhere else and to be honest, in the meanwhile it is not only the show, which


Tie or bow tie and patterned shirts

If you feel uneasy matching patterned or striped shirts with ties or bow ties choose the easy way by wearing solid coloured ties or bow ties. In this case knitted ties are a great option. Otherwise keep in mind that the pattern of the shirt and the tie should differ in size and proportion. For


Tie or bowtie?

With regard to formality both types are equal. Nonetheless a bowtie will always create a more extraordinary look, simply because less people wear it, but also a very casual one, as to be seen below. Only with the dinnersuit there is no choice, because „black tie“ means in fact black bowtie.    


What you always wanted to know about cashmere

Although autumn is still present, the delivery of our cashmere scarves for the winter season 2017/18 is currently running or already settled and probably already partly decorated in shop windows. As every year, we enjoy it to send these cosy and cuddly companions on their last journey. Therefore we thought it is worth to put


Why you should wear a pocket square

We think to wear a pocket square is an easy way to distinguish your outfit from others and to add this extra “ touch” without  concentrating the complete attention on it. Certainly there are some easy but effective rules to follow. Simply the best is and stays a white pocket square either out of cotton