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Tie Man of the Year 2017

The actor Jan Josef Liefers is Germany’s “Tie Man of the Year 2017”. He shows “an individual attitude” and at the same time corresponds in an “outstanding way to a holistic style model”, said the German Fashion Institute (DMI) in the explanatory statement. The prize is awarded annually to a man of public life, who


Ascot in “Deutsche Manufakturenführer”

With around 300 portraits of manufacturers, the Deutsche Manufakturenführer of Cologne’s publishing house Deutsche Standards provides a comprehensive overview of the lively landscape of German manufactories. ASCOT is also represented and showes that German manufactory products are not a fashion phenomenon but an alternative to modern consumption. DAAB-Verlag Köln, ISBN-Nr. 978-3-942597-38-8, 296 pages, 14,5 x